All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Agroecology

The APPG was established in 2010 to promote agroecological approaches to food and farming in UK policy.

The APPG on Agroecology is the only group in Parliament to actively promote sustainable food and farming. It has taken agroecology from the fringe of the food and farming debate in Westminster right to the centre over the past ten years.  One of the key reasons for the group’s growing influence has been its ability to get ahead of the curve on the big issues facing agriculture, from soil health and climate change to biodiversity loss and animal welfare.

The group’s work is particularly significant right now. Post-Brexit legislation on the future of farming and our environment is currently being developed, scrutinised and implemented. In this crucial phase, it’s vital that small family farms and agroecological producers are supported and environmental protections and standards aren’t abandoned or lowered. This would lead to increasingly intensive agriculture.

The Real Farming Trust provides the secretariat of the group.

APPG membership

Chair & Registered Contact Christina Rees MP – Labour (Co-op)
Co-Chair Lord Teverson – Liberal Democrat
Co-Chair Ben Lake MP – Plaid Cymru
Vice Chair The Earl of Caithness – Conservative
Vice Chair Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle – Green Party
Vice Chair Kerry McCarthy MP – Labour
Vice Chair Chris Loder MP – Conservative
Vice Chair Robbie Moore MP – Conservative
Officer Lord Cameron of Dillington – Crossbench
Officer Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer – Liberal Democrat
Officer Baroness Young of Old Scone – Labour
Officer Caroline Lucas MP – Green Party
Officer Derek Thomas MP – Conservative