Join the Good Food Good Farming March

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Join the Good Food Good Farming March

On Saturday 15th October we’ll be joining the Landworkers’ Alliance and dozens of other UK food and farming organisations to march on Parliament Square in London demanding that our leaders take action to defend our food and farming systems, as part of the European-wide Good Food, Good Farming Days of Action.

In the light of the recent news about the government’s approach to ELMS and the farming sector, it’s more important than ever that our voices are heard.

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Our demands:

  • A legally enshrined right to food: so that everyone can access healthy, affordable and culturally-appropriate food
  • Ambitious agricultural support policies: which support farms of all sizes in their transition to more sustainable farming practices
  • Better livelihoods for farmers: through better regulated and fairer supply chains and markets
  • Stand up for standards: international trade agreements that prioritise the welfare of farmers, animals, eaters and the environment in the UK and abroad
  • Nature-friendly policies: for a major reduction of chemical pesticides and fertiliser use and to promote biodiversity, protect the environment and mitigate global warming
  • Regulation of GMOs: to protect consumers, producers and the environment
  • Fair income and decent working conditions: for all farmers, food producers and food system workers
  • More support for young people entering farming: to rejuvenate the sector and revitalise rural areas
  • More opportunities to grow and eat good food: through the provision of community spaces and education, especially in urban areas and marginalised communities
  • Less but better meat and dairy: higher-quality livestock products which prioritise animal welfare, public health and the climate
  • Boost domestic UK fruit and veg production: to meet everyone’s need for a healthy balanced diet and reduce reliance on imports
  • Listen to the people: more participation of farmers, consumers and activists in political decision making.

Whether you’re someone who grows, produces, distributes, prepares or eats food – we all have a stake in the food system. So join us this Saturday to make your voice heard and shape the future of food and farming in the UK for the better.

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