18 October, 2023

Making ready meals in community groups

Wednesday 18 October, 10am – 12 noon

This free webinar will provide an introduction to everything you need to know about offering ready meals in community food groups, such as freezer meals for pantries, community cafes or takeaway ready meals.

We will cover labelling, nutrition, freezing, packaging, health and safety, sourcing free or cheap ingredients, allergens and special diets.

The main speaker will be Rachael Forster who looks after food safety and compliance for Tamar Grow Local CIC’s enterprises. She has been involved in developing a number of food and growing-based community projects in the Tamar Valley. Rachael will be joined by nutritionist Fran Taylor, who will speak on nutrition in a community meal setting.

We also welcome Bryan Coyle, Joint CEO at East Brighton Food Co-op, who will talk about the Co-op’s recent review of the benefits of community meals on wheels being a statutory service, which would save billions annually on the health and social care budget – you can sign this petition in support.

We will share the Ready Meal Toolkit during the session, and there will be time to network with other groups.

Who should come?

This session is for you if you are a community group or food project providing meals to meet a community need, or you are considering setting up a meals service.