College for Real Farming and Food Culture

The College is rooted in the principles of agroecology and food sovereignty and seeks to ask what the world needs, and what’s possible.

It’s a democratic and inclusive meeting point for ideas, critique, learning, skill sharing and empowerment.


Courses, dialogues, seminars and modules will offer responsive critiques of emerging issues such as climate change and soils, whilst strengthening reflective and long-term development of conceptual core ideas like economic democracy.

New connections

A process of collective sensemaking and discovery will form the College programme, and be informed by work happening on the ground. New connections and opportunities to work together will emerge.


The College is a peripatetic and collaborative venture which strengthens existing alliances while forging new ones. We work strategically with key partners including Schumacher College, Black Mountains College and Royal Agricultural University to deliver activities.

Wider influence

College outcomes will influence policy discussions, develop reciprocity and solidarity across real farming activities, and strengthen national and international networks. The work will enhance information exchange, evidence-gathering and skills development.

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