Chris Packham to join ORFC

By Sarah Buckingham


Chris Packham will join the Oxford Real Farming Conference in January as a show of solidarity with thousands of nature-friendly farmers across the world.

The BBC Springwatch host will join leading voices in agroecology from six continents who recognise the urgent need to transform food and farming by working with nature, not against it.

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Chris said: “Conservationists like myself are keen to work with agroecological farmers and support them at a time when their future is under threat. What they’ve already proved is that a methodology works. They are producing top-quality food with good standards of animal welfare, they look after the environment, and they ensure a rural economy that can last into the future.

“We need a new future for farming because we need to reshape the way we impact our landscape. Agroecological farmers are the pioneers. This should be a time when we pay them properly for looking after the environment and producing top-quality food.”

ORFC 2023 will be the largest gathering in the event’s history, spanning six venues in Oxford with live-streamed and online-only sessions accessible to thousands across the world. The programme will address critical issues including farming through an ecological and economic crisis, resisting the financialisation of nature, animal welfare, soil fertility and farmer-to-farmer mentoring and support.

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Top: Courtesy of Megan McCubbin

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