Nicola Read


Nicola is a serial entrepreneur, academic and designer with over 16 years’ experience in design education. She specialises in design excellence and education innovation within architecture and urbanism and is an avid community organiser in East London. She is passionate about how we transition to a more equitable and just future and sees agroecology as sitting at the heart of this.

Nicola is a guest critic at the Royal College of Art, Architecture Association, University of Cambridge and teaches nationally & internationally. She is an External Examiner at University of the Creative Arts, and helped found and Co-chairs the Leyton Boundary Community Garden.

Nicola lives and works in East London where she runs a high street incubator called Host of Leyton. She is passionate about working on innovations in housing, green space, energy and food systems at a bioregional and neighbourhood level.

Nicola cares deeply about good governance and enjoys supporting the RFT Directors and wider team in nurturing future imagining and advising on; theory of change, strategic direction, networks, fundraising and comms.