Webinar recording: Juice It, Bottle It, Dry it


Community projects in Brighton & Hove explain how to extend the shelf life of surplus fruit and veg through micro-scale food processing.

Featuring –

🍏 Brighton Permaculture Trust – whose volunteers at the Fruit Factory and Scrumping HQ save 30 tonnes of Sussex fruit from going to waste per year, by making fresh and pasteurised juice.

🎃 Sussex Surplus – who process farm scale surplus veg into tasty long-life jars of soup, which are sold wholesale and support community meal projects.

🥕 Brighton & Hove Food Partnership – who create dehydrated packs of vegetables called Flavour packs, which can be stored without a fridge and added to simple ingredients to make a delicious meal.

This webinar is part of a series of learning events created through the Ready Healthy Eat Project, a UK-wide partnership led by the Real Farming Trust and supported through The National Lottery Community Fund.