Webinar recording: Gleaning Networks for Food Support


This free webinar covers how gleaning networks can support food equity projects, and what is needed to successfully set up and run a gleaning network.

  • Find out about how gleaning works, the reasons for unharvested and surplus produce during the season and why gleaners are welcomed by farmers and growers.
  • Understand how to locate useful crops being grown near you, identify growers and engage them with your network.
  • Learn what resources are needed, where to get them and how to manage them – including funding, transport and volunteers.

Who is this webinar for?

  • Food projects who want to make more direct links with food growers in their region
  • Everyone who wants to understand more about how to set up or take part in a community response to unharvested or surplus food.

Any questions?

Contact Natasha@realfarming.org