Oxford Real Farming Conference

The Oxford Real Farming Conference was started in 2010 by Ruth West, Colin Tudge and Graham Harvey to highlight the alternatives to conventional agriculture and to offer a different kind of farming conference.

The first event was a small gathering of around 80 people, but from the outset, ORFC had a buzz. Farmers, scientists, activists and others came together in support of real farming. New relationships and initiatives were formed.

“The point of ORFC is not to attack the status quo but to look ahead: to ask what the world really needs, what’s possible, and to show what can be done. Always on the agenda is the dream to restore farming to its proper place at the heart of the economy, and all of our lives. ”
Ruth West, ORFC Co-founder

The conference sells out very quickly, and now attracts thousands of people each year. In 2021 ORFC hosted an online global event with close to 5,500 delegates and speakers from 6 continents.

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